bester broker für binäre optionen When cable boxes first showed up in my house shortly after I’d just read George Orwell’s 1984, my young mind said “This is it.  It’s happening!”  I calmed down when I realized that they couldn’t actually see us through that box, but my initial feelings were prescient.  The internet is a two-way (or more) street.  The NSA’s massive data hub in Utah, while not yet the “Ministry of Love,” makes everyone more watchful of their words, their internet searches, their every day interactions with the world.  Will my actions be misconstrued?  Will I become a target of an out-of-control government agency?  Are they watching me type these words right now?

broker italiani opzioni binarie see I See is a comedic response to the revelations of NSA spying on ordinary citizens and its corrosive effect on our relationship to our country and those closest to us.   How does a constant state of fear distort a person and a society?- L.R. Gordon